1. In the first instance an application for enrolment should be made online via the website – please see the drop down menu – Admissions, Application Form.
  2. The Registrar will confirm receipt of the online Application Form. If there are places in the Year requested, the Registrar will ask for copies of current academic reports and arrange a date for the child/children to be assessed.
  3. As of 1st September, 2017 we are introducing a non-refundable charge of KD30, per child, for admissions procedures into TES. This is inline with charges for the administration of assessment procedures related to any pupil’s future schooling. In the latter case, there will be a non-refundable KD30 fee for each separate assessment and, where relevant, an additional charge for the couriering of any test materials.
  4. If you are applying from overseas for a place in years 1 to 8, a confidential report will need to be completed by the child’s current school. This report forms part of the admissions procedure and is compulsory.
  5. If you are applying from overseas for a place in years 3 to 8 and timescales permitting, the Director of Studies will arrange for your child to sit an online assessment.
  6. Subject to the above, if the application is successful, a registration pack including a letter of offer will be issued along with invoices for the Confirmatory Deposit and first applicable term's fees. Please note that the Confirmatory Deposit and first applicable term's fees are not refundable in the event that your child does not take up the place at TES. The Confirmatory Deposit is refundable once the child has started and either 6 weeks term-time written notice has been given for terms 1 or 2, or 10 weeks term-time written notice given for term 3. To secure the place, the Confirmatory Deposit of KD250 and first applicable term's fees must be paid by the due dates on the invoices. The registration package should be submitted with the following documents which are a Ministry Requirement once you are in country. 
    • Photocopy of Passport plus residency page with valid residency stamp. If the child does not hold Residency at the time of commencing School, then an Exemption Certificate will be required. Full details of how the Exemption is obtained are contained in the offer letter.
    • Photocopy of valid Civil I.D. or Diplomatic Card, whichever is appropriate.
    • Photocopy of father’s Civil I.D. or nationality card (Kuwaitis only), whichever is appropriate.
    • Application form to Join A Foreign School, completed in English.
    • Application form to Join A Foreign School, completed in Arabic.
    • One photocopy of pupil’s Birth Certificate.
    • Three passport photographs of the pupil.
    • Medical Card, issued by the School Health Clinic of the Ministry of Public Health.
    • Transfer Certificate from pupil’s previous school, in Kuwait or any other GCC Country attested by the Ministry of Private Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Kuwait Embassy.
    • Signed declaration letter.
    • Photo permission form.
    • Signed copy of the Terms and Condition.
  7. Please expect the registration package to take 3 – 4 days to complete.
  8. It is a Ministry requirement that all documentation must be submitted to the School before any child may attend as a pupil.
  9. The school’s e-learning strategy will involve parental purchase of iPads in the Prep department. Please see this link for further details which will be updated regularly Parent iPad FAQ.