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Wow. Year 8 farewell dinner - looks amazing. Have a great time!! https://t.co/sfvhIXA192

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Sports Report Week Beginning 30/04/2017


Sports Report Week Beginning 24/04/2017


Sports Report Week Beginning 09/04/2017


Application Form

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Applications for academic year 2018/19 can be made from 1st November 2017, applications submitted before this date will not be accepted, or administered.

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*If so, what form did it take?:
*Educational Psychologist Report:
*All Languages spoken at Home:

Please use this space below to inform us if your child suffers from any form of allergy, intolerance or physical ailment and if there is any medication taken as a result.

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*Additional Information:

I/WE agree to give, in writing, either 6 weeks term-time written notice for terms 1 or 2, or 10 weeks term-time written notice for term 3 of our child’s withdrawal from The English School, or pay one terms fees in lieu of notice.

I/We understand that the school can only initiate the pupil leaving process once parents have officially informed the school in writing that their child is leaving The English School. Once the leaving process has been initiated, places for the next term and academic year are forfeited and no longer reserved regardless of confirmatory deposit status.

I/We agree that a confirmatory deposit of KD250 will become payable before entry which will be credited on your child’s account for extras at the end of the last term in the school.

I/We agree that in order that TES can best provide for all the social and academic needs of my child that the offer of a place is conditional on the successful completion of a 3 month probationary period.

I/We attach a copy of my child’s most recent school report, plus any relevant reports.

I/We understand that should we chose to enroll our child in Pre-Kg on a 3 day week (Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday), that this facility is only available for my child’s first term and will automatically increase to 5 days at the start of the following term and that the corresponding fees apply.

I/We agree that my child is fully toilet trained (dry throughout the day and not wearing pull ups or pampers) and understand that the school place may be temporarily withdrawn if this condition is not met.

I/We agree to abide by the School Regulations as may be in force from time to time; we confirm that we have received and reviewed a copy of the current School Regulations prior to submitting this Registration Form.

I/We understand that as per Ministry of Education regulations, it is mandatory that all Muslim children attend Islamic Studies lessons from the start of Year 1 and for the duration of their schooling. The school is required to provide the names of all Muslim children in school and our records are checked regularly to ensure that we are adhering to these regulations.

By ticking this box I/we hereby agree to all of the above statements and that the information provided is accurate to the best of my/our knowledge.

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