A day in the life of
A day in the life of

A day in the life of TES is filled with fun and enlightenment.

The morning kicks off with a short time in our form rooms, where our teacher will make sure that we’re all here. There’s always something to focus on getting ready for the day, or something special during the week ahead. This is a time when the form teachers also chat to individuals or groups of pupils about things that might have cropped up. We also have time to catch up with our friends and share any news! Then we are set free to enjoy a normal day of school. You do get used to the early starts, but mornings can be a little ‘slow’!

Tummies rumble as we approach first break. At 10:15 the now wide-awake children are set free to eat lunch in the dining hall and then go out to play games like football and cricket, or relax and chat to friends. You’ll see little ones playing with dolls and pretending to be a pirate or something equally imaginative. The older ones are out there ignoring the hot Kuwaiti sun, while girls are discussing the latest movie or who’s the cutest in a band. It’s a beautiful dysfunction junction of different ethnicities as break ends and the kids head back into the classroom.

Everyone is much more awake now, which helps with the tricky mental maths test, and the teenage girls pay more attention to the Greeks. The teachers are also feeling much better. They’re bantering in a polite way to the respectful students who are scribing down the cryptic poem while conversing with lots of smiles. Between lessons girls are gossiping and walking, and boys are busily making their way to their next class looking ahead to the match later on or tonight’s ECA.

After a buzzing energetic series of lessons the pupils are set free into the world of sand and blue skies again. Everyone is either running around in a happy state enjoying the downtime, or studying and reading in the air conditioned coolness of the school library. The second break ends much too quickly for anyone’s liking. Teachers are enthusiastically delivering lessons and pupils diligently set about their tasks and make note of tonight’s homework. Everyone is tired but content after a fantastic day. The bell rings letting students free to go to extra-curricular activities, outside clubs, or simply home to their families and a comfy couch. Most staff stay in school for an hour or two delivering ECAs, or preparing for tomorrow and beyond. In the window seat of a school bus or car many children will be falling asleep on their way home after a long but busy day. Homework awaits, but it’s been another happy day at TES and soon enough they’ll be back with their friends enjoying another day at school.