Thank you for enquiring about The English School.

Your application for a place for your child is important to us and will be dealt with personally by our Registrar. Due to the volume of application forms received there may be a slight delay in responding to you, but you will be contacted in a timely manner, usually within a week of receiving the application, if not sooner.

Once the Registrar has received the application form you will start to receive updates advising you as to whether your child has been added to the waiting pool and a date for an assessment, if your child is in Kuwait, or the news that unfortunately places are not available in the year group or groups for which you have applied. All places at TES are subject to availability, a satisfactory academic report (excluding Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten), confidential report (Years 1 – 8 where applicable) and the passing of the assessment. The assessments are curriculum based. Pre-Prep (Pre-Kg – Year 2) take approximately half an hour and are conducted by the Head of Pre-Prep. Prep assessments (Year 3 – Year 8) take up to 2 hours, consist of a Maths and English paper and reading. These and are conducted by the Head of Prep. No preparation is required for these tests. Overseas assessments will be arranged for those applying from out of the country, as long as time allows and, in most instances, will be the norm.

We understand that, where possible, families like to visit and tour the school. In order to accommodate this we ask that you complete the application form first to confirm availability in the relevant year group(s). Where possible we will then happily accommodate school tours at a mutually convenient time. Of course, when applying from overseas, a tour may not be possible and you may have to proceed with the process gleaning information from the school’s website and by communicating directly with the Registrar.

Please ensure you have read the Admissions Procedures. Please check the FAQs for any registration queries. If you cannot find the answer, please use the contact form.
For a copy of the current school fees, please fill out the contact form.