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Sports Report Week Beginning 21/01/2018

KFSAC U11 Girls Netball

TES 11 - 0 ESF

TES 8 - 0 BSK

Monday afternoon saw our U11 netball girls back in action. After their impressive start last week, they were looking to continue their winning streak. First up, we faced ESF. The first few minutes were very ‘ropey’ and TES looked to be in trouble. However, they found momentum and began to play better in the closing minutes of the first half. We were 4-0 up at half time and never looked liked losing the lead. In the second half, the girls played much better and were justly rewarded with more frequent goals. ESF tried to mount a counter attack, but our girls proved too strong and managed to maintain a clean sheet during the match. 11-0 was the final score. A good first game, but the camp knew a better performance was needed in their next match up against BSK.

In the second game TES started off much stronger. More passion and determination were brought to the game and the girls played much better. Their passing and movement were vastly improved on the first game. They made many interceptions and are to be commended for their resilience throughout the match. BSK were a tough team and at times, made it difficult for our girls to score and move the ball around the court. Nevertheless, our girls battled on and were the better team, scoring multiple goals and proving to be much stronger on the rebounds, both offensively and defensively. They managed an 8-0 win against their toughest opponents to date. 4 wins from 4, 53 goals scored and only 1 conceded. Not a bad start to the season - well done!

ISACK U13 Boys Volleyball

TES 2 - 1 NES

TES managed to battle through to a 2-1 sets victory against NES on Tuesday. Playing in windy conditions on the NES court the boys found it difficult to get their serving game going. A lot of sloppy points and lack of communication resulted in too many errors which led to a big lead for NES. For the first time this ISACK season, the boys lost the opening set 25-17, which led to increased pressure in the second set. Although the serves were not up to the usual standards the boys did improve and we also cut the amount of errors. During the set the boys played some excellent points and finished off plays with some good attacking shots. In a tight game the boys went on to win 25-20 and led for the majority of the game. In the final set the boys started in a positive way and took the lead early. After a shock in the opening period the boys composed themselves and kept competing, showing great grit and determination. Overall the boys performed well and turned around a tough situation, by winning the final set 15-9! Well done boys and good luck this weekend!

ISACK U13 Girls Basketball

TES 55 - 13 NES

Tuesday’s performance by our U13 girls can only be described as amazing!!! The girls played with confidence, belief and determination from start to finish and were justly rewarded with a massive win over NES. In the first quarter, both teams came out firing on all cylinders and keen to get stuck in. We scored the first basket, followed by another almost immediately. Then NES came back at us, bringing the score to 4-2. It was clearly going to be a tight affair. Our girls however, seemed to want it more and mounted huge amounts of pressure defensively, limiting NES to pot shots from outside the key. They were able to drive effectively and score from their fantastic defensive efforts. This continued into the second quarter and the girls never looked like relenting on their superb defense - it really did win them the game today! By half time, the score stood at 20-6 and NES never looked like taking the lead away from us. In the third quarter, NES never took a shot at our basket. Defensively, our girls were too strong and proved too much at times for the NES girls. The pressure was relentless and the girls continued to attack the basket. Unfortunately though, the girls couldn’t capitalise on their efforts, as the baskets just wouldn’t fall. Frustration was starting to build, but rather than giving up, the girls just kept going. The baskets eventually came, one after the other in quick succession, slowly sealing the victory for TES. With one quarter to go, NES needed to pull something special out of the bag to take this win away from our girls. The final ten minutes were also a pleasure to watch. The girls continued to pressure NES and never looked like stopping. Today’s game saw every member of the squad not only take to the pitch, but score at least one basket! It was a big team effort and the girls should be immensely proud of their performance. One more group game to go, before the semi-final!


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