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Sports Report Week Beginning 08/04/2018

ISACK U13 Girls Volleyball

TES 2 - 0 ESF

It wasn’t the final group game the girls were hoping for, after having had 3 fantastic games against KES, TEA and BSK. The girls’ confidence and skill set have grown enormously over the course of the season, but unfortunately last night, nerves and perhaps pressure, got the better of them.

The opening set was very to and fro to begin with. Point for point, caused by both teams making unforced errors and missing their serves. Eventually, we managed to find a continuous stream of points, and built a lead of 5. ESF however did not give up and courtesy of some superb serving from their strongest player, our girls were on the back foot for a little while. Towards the end of the first set, we had once again opened up a lead to 21-15. We thought we had this set in the bag, until once again, the unforced errors came. The set became tighter and tighter, until eventually, the score stood at 24-23 to TES. All we needed was 1 point, to see out this bad first set. 25-23 it was. A win was what we needed, but boy did we make ourselves work for it!

During the second set, the girls played much better. There was a marked improvement in their serving and general play, with some fantastic finishing shots being played; hard and powerful, straight down to the opposition floor! We built an early lead and were quickly gaining momentum. The score stood at 10-3, before it went south again! A few mistakes from both teams, meant that it was tit for tat halfway through the set. The score stood at 17-13 and we were starting to panic. Fortunately, the girls remained calm (unlike the coach!) and managed to grind out a good win in the end, courtesy of some excellent serving - Austine is to be commended for that awesome overarm serve - and fantastic play. Thalia decided to join the smash brigade today! It was 25-15 in the end and another 2-0 win for the girls. The third and friendly set was also a victory.

Their efforts in recent weeks have resulted in 3rd place overall. Tied with KES and NES on points, standings were decided on set differences. We therefore face KES at KES, in our semi-final.

The girls are looking strong at the minute and having beaten KES every time so far this year, hopefully the girls will go into their semi-final feeling confident and ready. The school is behind them and wishes them the very best of luck!

ISACK U13 Boys Basketball

TES 60 - 5 ESF

Tuesday saw the last group game of the basketball season for the ISACK boys’ team.  After good recent form, confidence was high and the challenge was to secure a good win and consolidate 2nd place in the group, going into the semi finals.  The boys started at a good tempo and were straight on the attack.  The basket was under constant threat and we won a number of good rebounds, however the opening basket would not come.  As we relaxed into the game the points started to come.  A strong quarter followed and we went to the break after 10 minutes 14-0 up. 

The 2nd quarter started at a fast pace and ESF came forward with renewed vigour.  Their game plan seemed to throw us a little and we looked a little uneasy defensively.  As the quarter progressed we got more into the game and our quality shone through.  At half time we had a strong 27-0 lead.

The third quarter followed suit and we continued to dominate the game.  Passing was solid and we matched the physicality of ESF, helping us to stretch our lead to 39-2 after 30 minutes of play. 

The 4th quarter saw us employ a high defensive line and good communication helped keep ESF under constant pressure, often struggling to make it into our half of the court.  As the pace increased the number of fouls also increased and eventually both teams had accumulated 5 fouls each, meaning that any further fouls meant automatic free throws.  This became quite frequent as the match neared its end and we were composed enough to sink a number of good shots, keeping the scoreboard ticking over.  Ultimately our fitness and skill proved decisive against a gallant, physical ESF side.  A comprehensive victory in the end, 60-5 to TES.  Very well played boys.


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