To be comfortable with who you are and with what you think and say
To understand and appreciate how other people feel and think
To do what is right in all situations, even when it is difficult to do
To be cheerful, optimistic and work hard in all that you do
Treat yourself, all people and all things in a way that shows you care
tes award

Mr. Watson’s maths class investigating nets and cubes.

about 11 minutes ago

Well done to this week’s STAR points certificate recipients from 3.1....

about 11 minutes ago

2.2 made chains to explain how a chain reaction works! We connected our cause-and-effect cards with causal conjunction links to annotate how a Rube Goldberg invention works.

on May 22

How can you move a marble without pushing it yourself? 2.2 made their own Rube Goldberg-inspired chain reactions this week. They even included some causal conjunctions to explain how they turned out!

on May 22

#BSME Music Festival 2019! Please register your school by 20 June to guarantee your place. #BSMEStudents #BSMEMusic

on May 20

2.1 getting used to the DT room. Using saws and drills to make levers, pivots and linkages.

on May 20

Thank you to this year's outgoing PA Committee, and their successors! We are extremely grateful to all parents for their support throughout the year and the PA's lead! #BSME #COBIS #IAPS

on May 20

2.1 DT.

on May 19

This week’s STAR points certificate recipient from 3.1!! Well done..... 🌟 🌟

on May 15

Our Eid gift drive is going well so far, thank you for all donations! Drop a gift off and help put a smile on a child's face. Gifts will be going to the Kuwait Assosiation for the Care of Children in Hospitals on the 30th of May. #kacch #thankyou #zakat

on May 15

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