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KNET only, credit cards are not accepted.

Assessment Fees

Our assessment fee is 75 KD per application and covers administrative costs.

Tuition Fees

While we would like the fees to be paid in full, you can of course pay in 3 equal instalments. Any other payment plan will have to be approved, in advance with the Bursar, irrespective of previous years. Below is a table explaining the School fees for the current academic year.

2023 – 2024 Academic Year School Fees

 Year Group 
Annual Fee (KD)

Registration Fee

1st  Instalment

Due 1 Sept

2nd Instalment

Due 1 Dec

3rd Instalment

Due 1 Apr

Kindergarten 1741 100 547 547 547
Reception 2735 100 879 879 877
Year 1 2735 100 879 879 877
Year 2 2735 100 879 879 877
Year 3 3135 100 1012 1012 1011
Year 4 3135 100 1012 1012 1011
Year 5 3135 100 1012 1012 1011
Year 6 3135 100 1012 1012 1011
Year 7 3435 100 1112 1112 1111
Year 8 3435 100 1112 1112 1111

Annual Subscription Charge - 75 KD/per pupil (added to September fee payment)

If you have not already paid the KD100 Advance Fee for your children, you simply add KD100 to your first instalment.

Extra Curricular Activities

Children are encouraged to take part in the extensive extra-curricular activities programme on offer at The English School in order to widen their experiences and develop new skills.

ECAs cover a wide variety of activities organised by the teachers. In addition, there are some ECAs offered by external coaches. A full list of the ECAs offered will be available each term on the school website. Some ECAs have an additional charge.

In addition to the ECAs run after school, camps and activities would often be held at weekends and during the holidays.

Local educational trips enhance the curriculum and teachers would schedule of 2 or 3 visits each academic year for children in Kg to Year 8. Years 5-8 also have opportunities for overseas trips.




Lunch Club

The Lunch Club is available for KG TES parents who are unable to collect their children at 12:15pm (end of the KG day) or who wish their children to remain at the School to take the 1.30pm bus home with an older sibling in Pre Prep. All applications will be reviewed by the Head of Pre Prep and Head of Early Years. We will also take into consideration how well your child will cope with the extended hours at school.

You will be notified of your Lunch Club application status at the start of each term.  If your application is successful, you will be charged KD120 per term.