To be comfortable with who you are and with what you think and say
To understand and appreciate how other people feel and think
To do what is right in all situations, even when it is difficult to do
To be cheerful, optimistic and work hard in all that you do
Treat yourself, all people and all things in a way that shows you care
TES News

Much fun had by all. Happy holidays!

on Feb 23

2.1 Creative Kuwaiti Crafts!

on Feb 23

At the recent Australian Embassy 'Colours of Australia' art competition our children enjoyed success with a number of pieces on display.

on Feb 23

Year 8 Bake Sale stall fantastic presentation!

on Feb 23

Year 5 all ready to celebrate National Day.

on Feb 23

Foundation Sports Day fun!

on Feb 22

Year 8 drypoint intaglio prints exploring cultural celebrations - lots of beautiful work!

on Feb 22

Great opening game for our U13 Girls in the basketball. A 45-2 win over TEA.

on Feb 21

2 set victory for the TES boys versus TEA. Great start to the season, well done boys!

on Feb 21

Class 2.1 creating yummy Fold, Dome, Fault-block and Volcanic mountains.

on Feb 21

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