The English School offers a bus service which is operated by a reliable subcontractor who has worked with the school for over a decade.

All buses provided by the subcontractor are staffed with a driver and a chaperone who can be contacted at all times by the Transport Manager. The buses are all fully air-conditioned, have heavy curtains to minimize heat radiating through the windows from the intense desert sun and are fitted with lap belts for safety. Each bus is installed with a video system which records the speed, route, shock/vibrations as well as audio and video inside the bus.

The bus staff receive regular instruction on the rules and procedures pertaining to the bus service to ensure the effective execution of their duties. If you would like to register for the bus service please complete the form below and submit it to transport department or contact the transport office on +965 2227 1385 and dial option 4.

School Bus Service Application Form

Fill out the bus service online form.



These areas operate for the 12:15pm, 1:30pm and 2.30pm Bus Service.

Bayan, Jabriya, Mishref, Rumathiya, Salmiya, Salwa, Shaab.

One Way: KD280 per academic year - (Deposit: KD60 + Terms: KD85 + KD85 + KD50)

Two Way: KD365 per academic year - (Deposit: KD60 + Terms: KD110 + KD110 + KD 85)


These areas operate for the 2.30pm Bus Service and are for use for pupils from

Reception – Yr 8. Unfortunately this service is not available for Pre KG and KG pupils.

Abu Hasaniyah, Egailia, Fintas, Maboula, Mangaf, Messila, Sabah Al-Salem, Shuhada, Hateen, Benid Al Gar

One Way: KD365 per academic year - (Deposit: KD60 + Terms: KD110 + KD110 + KD85)

Two Way: KD480 per academic year - (Deposit: KD60 + Terms: KD155 + KD155 + KD110)


Terms and Conditions

  •  I hereby agree to pay the transportation charges as per my selection above. Each term’s payment must be received by the end of the first week of term.
  • Places on the bus are only secured following submission of the application form along with payment of a non refundable deposit and when a receipt has been issued.
  • Change of home address may result in the discontinuation of the bus service and, in such cases the full term’s fees remain payable.  If you are considering moving house, we suggest that you email [email protected] prior to doing so informing them of your new address, they will confirm if they can continue with the bus service. 
  • The school reserves the right to remove any pupil from travelling on the bus due to behaviour that TES or the Transport Company deems to be unacceptable, and in such cases the full term’s fees remain payable.
  • Children must sit down for the duration of the journey and it is compulsory to wear their lap belt at all times. No preparation for exit can be made until the bus is stationary.
  • On the return journey children must be met at by an adult at the drop off point. Children in Year 3 and above may be dropped off at home without an adult present if the attached Permission Form has been completed. 
  • Parents must provide car seats for Pre-Kg and Kg children. 
  • Requests for other TES children to travel home on the school bus with your child, must be in writing to [email protected] Once you have confirmation, the parent of the additional child should advise the class teacher of this by using the Communication book or emailing [email protected]. Children arriving at the bus without permission will not be permitted to take the bus.
  • On the last day of any term, there is no facility to accommodate extra children.
  • With the exception of Emergency situations, all changes to the bus schedule must be made in writing to the class teacher or by email to the School Receptionist before 11am.

Accurate end of day routines are essential to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the School Bus Service and un-notified changes and/or non emergency changes on a regular basis may result in the service being cancelled. 

Important Notice

There is NO morning pick up service provided on the 1st day of the new Academic Year 2017/18, Sunday 10 September 2017.  An afternoon bus service will be provided on this day ONLY for confirmed places where a deposit has been paid prior to the end of Tuesday 13 June 2017.

Please note that for ALL registrations confirmed with deposit between Wednesday 14 June 2017 up to and including Tuesday 12 September 2017 the bus service will commence both AM & PM on Sunday 17 September 2017.   The service WILL NOT be available during the 1st week of Term 1.

Registrations taken from Wednesday 13 September 2017 onwards will be subject to route confirmation and a start date will be confirmed at the time.

The Transport Manager will review all applications and reserves the right to refuse an application where past experiences have resulted in late or non payment of fees and/or behaviour that is determined to be unacceptable to other children and bus personnel, and behaviour that compromises the safety of the service. 

Please also be advised that routes and timings are subject to change.