This is a world class facility, comfortably seats over 600 in a fabulous environment and is used for assemblies, school productions, parent meetings, musical performances and also has a good deal of local community use.

Specifications include:

  • Acoustically treated walls and ceilings
  • Advanced audio and video equipment including theatrical sound and lighting systems as well as projection and recording equipment
  • Motorised 6m screen
  • 12,000 lumen projector
  • A wide range of Flood, Fresnel, PC and Moving Head lights linked to a programmable control unit
  • PreSonus, Bose, Proel, Sure, Sennheiser, Mackie, Sony, Biamp, QSC, Yamaha
  • Telescopic seating system for 400 with a capacity of over 600
  • Large stage and supporting dressing and green rooms
  • Drama black box and costume stores