External Assessments
External Assessments

Academic performance during 2017-2018 school year based on the GL results from the ‘Progress Tests’ undertaken in May 2018

At the end of the 2016-17 academic year TES made the decision to move away from comparing test results externally with the National Curriculum Tests in England (NCTs). The school decided to focus on comparing results on a global scale by using the much more widely used Progression Test Series provided by GL. This new initiative not only gives us a greater cohort of schools, data and students to compare with, including those in England, but also dovetails more readily with our newly developed and bespoke internal system for tracking progress and attainment. In short, it is a better fit and helps to provide a much clearer picture. In addition we can also compare pupil attainment with their potential, as identified in annual September cognitive ability tests taken by children in Years 4 - 8.

Nevertheless, it is still useful to compare the data to UK results and norms as a measure of how effective the school is in delivering teaching and learning to the children.

Years 2 - 8 undertook the external testing in May 2018 and the combined results from the GL Progress in English (PTE), Progress in Maths (PTM) and Progress in Science (PTS) are as follows. For further analysis and the breakdown of the individual year group results please see here. This data is used to support teaching and learning and helps teachers to ask questions and consider their own observations about the progress and attainment of each child they teach.

Subject UK National Average TES Average
PTE (English) 100 110
PTM (Maths) 100 110
PTS (Science) 100 115

Within all facets of the school, and within all subjects, the children achieved significantly above the UK national average.