Year 6 Curriculum Overview
Year 6 Curriculum Overview

There are three tutor groups in Year 6. The role of the tutor is to oversee the pastoral care of pupils within their class. They have daily contact with their tutor group during a registration period and also during PSHEC (Personal, Social, Health, Economic and Citizenship) lessons and tutorial sessions.

Timetables are available via the parent portal. All subjects in Year 6 are taught by specialist subject teachers. A summary of the curriculum is provided below.

There is the opportunity to set the pupils in mathematics and English if deemed appropriate.   Homework is set on a regular basis with a maximum of 45 minutes each per subject.

Curriculum Overview

Subject Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
English Year 6 English Overview
Mathematics Year 6 Maths Objectives
Science Interdependence and adaptation
More about dissolving
Reversible and irreversible changes
Changing circuits
Forces in action
How we see things
Arabic All Arabic speaking students will follow an Arabic for Arabs course and all non-Arab students will follow an Arabic for foreigners course. Both courses are set annually by the Ministry of Education.
Art The Artist Hundertwasser
Cityscape Painting


Printing based on a design developed from drawing

Still life drawing and painting
Design Technology Storage Bucket Project.
Origami project.
Sweet & Savoury Food Products.
Food Theory.
Plastics project.
Clay project.
Creative Design Tasks.

Presenting oneself, family and pets, opinions, languages, nationalities, leisure activities.

Dictionary skills and sentence structures.

Weather, clothing, directions and locations in a town Food, food shopping, likes and dislikes, present tense verb forms
Geography Map work and skills A locality in a country that is less economically developed – Imlil,Morocco An environmental issue
History Ancient Greece Britain in the 1930s The Anglo Saxons and Vikings
ICT Multimedia presentation using Powerpoint and Slideshow and 2Simple Spreadsheet modelling Control and monitoring using Excel, 2Simple and 2Calculate

Using Internet – favourite lists and bookmarks to access information and history

Prep for SATs

Islamic Studies All Muslim students, Arab and non-Arab, will follow two separate programmes as set annually by the Ministry of Education.
Kuwait Social Studies Geographical location and physical features of Arabian Penisula. Map work. Plants and birds of the region. Origins of Kuwait and early inhabitants. Establishment of GCC. Discovery of oil and its impact on the region. Importance of pearling and the fishing industry in the Arabian Gulf. Kuwaiti lifestyle. Imports. Kuwait Airways. Reef ecology.
Music Exploring rounds (2)
Exploring sound sources (2)
Song writing – melody and lyrics
Exploring rhythm and pulse
Stars hide your fires – performing together
Musical processes (2)
PE & Games HRE
Fitness testing

Please note that the above topics may change during the year as we start to incorporate the New National Curriculum changes.