The English School follows the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and the National Curriculum for England. Additionally, we are obliged to teach Arabic for Arabs and Islamic Studies for Arabs from Year 1 upwards, and Arabic for non-Arabs from Year 3 upwards. Kuwait Social Studies is also an additional requirement of the Kuwaiti Ministry for Education and this is taught from Year 5 upwards.

On the following pages you will be able to see an overview of what your child will be taught in each year group as they progress through the school. Should you be interested in further information on the EYFS and National Curriculum, you can access it from:

Early Years Foundation Stage Framework

National Curriculum in England Framework for Key Stages 1 to 4

Teaching at The English School is not rigidly based on age related learning objectives, but is based around the abilities of each child. Teachers plan and implement differentiated lessons that allow the more able to be stretched and the less able to be supported with work of an appropriate level; this enables all students to achieve success through appropriately levelled challenges.

At The English School we are very lucky to be able offer subject specialist teachers throughout the school. Reception children are taught by specialist PE and music teachers. In Key Stage 1 they continue with these specialist lessons and our Arabic students also attend lessons taught by our Arabic and Islamic teachers. In Year 3 upwards, all children attend further specialist lessons for art, computing and DT. Year 5 students also benefit from specialist teaching in science and French, and in year 6-8 all lessons are taught by subject specialists.

The school has an open door policy, so should you have any concerns about your child and their progress, you are welcome to make an appointment. Please contact the class teacher/tutor or the relevant subject specialist teacher in the first instance. If the issue remains unresolved, an appointment should be made to discuss this further; firstly, with the relevant Head of Year followed by Heads of School or the Director of Studies should the issue continue. At the start of each academic year parents are invited to attend year group "Meet the Team" presentations. At these meetings the teachers have the opportunity to explain to parents what they should expect over the coming year and how parents can assist in their child’s learning. Parents also have the opportunity to ask questions with regards to the curriculum and school procedures.

Twice yearly, in Term 1 and 2, there are Parent Consultations, where you will have the opportunity to meet individually with the teacher for an update on your child’s progress.

Twice yearly, at the end of Term 1 and 3, you will receive a formal written report on your child’s progress and attainment. This can be accessed and downloaded from the Parent Portal.