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Year 5 & 6 Science Fair

On November 26th Year 5 and 6 students took part in their Science Fair. Students were given the task of designing a question to investigate and to then plan a fair test to carry out and find the answer to their question. This year produced many outstanding projects, making it very difficult for all the judges to select finalists. Peers and teachers enjoyed coming to look, ask questions and interact with the students to learn about their findings.

The overall winners were:

Year 5

1st: Gioconda Burkill – How does the size of a solar oven affect the time it takes ice cubes to melt?

2nd: Izak Mahmoud – How does the temperature affect crystal size produced in salt?

3rd: Grace Bramhill – Which type of oil makes the best lava lamp?

Year 6

1st: Sara Hajaar – How does the type of soap affect hand washing?

2nd: Evan Kapasakis – How does temperature affect Geode crystal size?

3rd: Sydney Godwin – How does texting on your mobile phone affect reaction time?

Well done to everyone for taking part, their hard work and for making it such a fun, interactive learning experience!

Mrs Mahmoud

(Head of Science)

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